A Refresher on “The Procurement Management Process”

A Refresher on “The Procurement Management Process”

The Procurement Management Process is an effective way to make your procurement function a competitive advantage. Here’s a quick refresher of the steps in the Procurement Management Process: Statement of need or request for purchase Stratefic sourcing Purchasing Contract management Supplier relationship management [Read more about the Procurement Management Process here]

The Benefits of EDI in Supply Chain Management

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), is a method to automate your order to cash process – reducing (or even eliminating) manual data input (resulting in lower costs and lower chances of incorrect data entry). Leveraging automation to reduce your operational costs is a great way to create value in your supply chain. Read on for more…

What will change for Public-sector procurement after Brexit?

Brexit news has kind of fallen into the background amid the COVID-19 pandemic but it’s still a big issue for the UK and the rest of Europe. For procurement professionals, you might be wondering what (if anything) will change when it comes to public-sector procurement in a post Brexit world? You can find some guidance…