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How to Avoid Corruption From Damaging Your Business

Bribery damages lives. Its direct victims include businesses that lose out unfairly because of corrupt practices. However these businesses are not the only victims. The wider losers are the government and the larger society, both of whom are severely undermined by the weakened rule of law and damaged economic and social development.

The core issues in fighting corruption are the principle of free and fair competition. Each bribe offered or accepted reduces these.

This webinar is a practical look at corruption and current anti-corruption practices at a level that will provide a clear definition and set of broad guidelines as to how this scourge can be fought.

Key Benefits To You

  • What corruption is and how to recognize it – so you can avoid it and the problems that arise from it
  • Red Flags and other warning signs pointing to corrupt practices – so you don’t get unwittingly caught in a corruption scandal
  • How to implement a process that will allow you to continually improve your anti-corruption measures without overwhelming your organization
  • Steps you can take to better understand your global corruption risks – so you can better protect your business in any market
  • The need for ongoing risk assessments and review
  • Why third-party due diligence can make or break your program

Webinar Agenda

  • What is corruption?
  • Corruption and the law
    • the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
    • the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and
    • the UK Anti-Bribery Act
    • a comparison of the US, UK, OECD laws/conventions
  • How does one recognize and fight corruption?
  • Compliance/ Bribery Red Flags
  • A Practical Compliance Checklist
  • A Practical FCAP Checklist

Speaker: Stanley Epstein

Stanley holds a Masters degree in Economics and a BCom degree in Accounting from a major South African University. He has 44 years of banking and IT experience, 33 of which were with a major South African Bank. He has extensive exposure to banking practice and banking operations in South Africa, Israel, the USA, Europe and Australia which includes the role of advisor to a number of central banks on payment system, payments policy and payments risk issues and as a payment systems consultant to a global payments software developer.   

His experience includes an industry level role in South Africa during the 1990s where he held several key positions which included that of Chairman: Risk Committee – Payments Association of South Africa and the Vice Chairman – ERAG (Electronic Risk Assessment) Group – Clearing Bankers Association. He has also served as a Board Member of the Bankserv Electronic Funds Clearing Services (Johannesburg, South Africa) and a Member of Strategy Team of the South African Reserve Bank’s “National Payments System Steering Group” that led to the development of the South African RTGS system.

More recently as an Advisor to a central bank on RTGS, Payment Systems Reform and Continuous Linked Settlement Projects he was involved in setting up the original project as well as providing inputs into various specialized aspects such as (1) other payment & settlement systems, (2) securities settlements (3) risk issues, (4) legal, supervisory, oversight and regulatory issues, (5) RTGS business model, (6) RFP development, and (7) Project Management, (8) Operational and Risk Management Procedures. Specific specialist areas handled include RTGS System Design, Risk Assessment and Legal & Oversight issues.


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How to Avoid Corruption from Damaging Your Business

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Downloads: Webinar Handouts


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This webinar is organised in conjunction with Ethan Hathaway.

Ethan Hathaway

***Premium Procurement Bulletin Members get access to this webinar for FREE. Become a Premium Procurement Bulletin Member.***

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