Procurement Bulletin’s Case Study Collection Volume 1

Procurement Case Studies Volume 1

Learn from others in Procurement with our collection of useful case studies.

This volume of collected case studies includes the following Procurement case studies:

  1. How Argos Lowered Costs While Improving Efficiency
  2. Proctor & Gamble Tackles Transportation Issues
  3. Commerce One: What Went Wrong With This Supply Upstart?
  4. Lessons from Baan: How “The New SAP” Fell From Glory
  5. How McDonald’s Overcame Supply Chain Obstacles in the Furtherest Corners of the Globe
  6. The Do’s and Don’ts That Destroyed the Dot Coms
  7. How to Build Relationships for Better Negotiations
  8. How to Develop the Perfect Marketing Strategy
  9. How Energy Star Products are Saving Government, Business Big Bucks
  10. How the Talent Shortage Will Affect Your Business
  11. How Unisys Fought Back to Survive the Worst Procurement Fraud in the History of the Pentagon
  12. PetroSA: What Went Wrong?

This volume is a downloadable PDF which you may read on your mobile device and may be printed.

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